Safe, personalised Cataract Surgery

Patient focused, Safe personalised Cataract Surgery by an experienced Consultant Eye Surgeon. You can feel reassured by our unique and individualised care.

About Prof William Ayliffe

Prof William Ayliffe is an Eye Surgeon with 20 years experience as an NHS Consultant. He is emeritus professor of Medicine & Biology, Gresham College and honorary Professor of Vision at City University.

William Ayliffe
After taking a first in Immunology at Imperial he qualified from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. Post Graduate training in Ophthalmology at Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Harvard Universities provided in depth knowledge of cataract, cornea and inflammatory eye disease as well as general ophthalmology including Age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

He is an internationally respected surgeon and lecturer as well as being a teacher of the wider aspects of vision and culture including art, history and science at Gresham College, The Science Museum London and The Museum of London.

William Ayliffe is committed to eyes and vision with a life-long passion to understand, prevent and treat causes of blindness and vision impairment.

Why choose us for cataract surgery?

We use the latest equipment in dedicated operating rooms with specialist ophthalmic trained staff.

Sedation or even General Anaesthesia are available options if requested.

Your safety, needs and choices are the priority.
You have the surgeon of your choice at a location and time most convenient for you.
Your post-operative care is by the same surgeon who did the procedure.

A wide variety of lens implants are available to customise your surgery. These include Technis®, multifocal and symfony® extended focus lenses. For patients who have had previous LASIK laser surgery, other bespoke options are available.

A wide range of other conditions treated.